Keep your skin smooth and beautiful with waxing services from Charming.

We use only the best waxing product for all of our treatments, the French wax Cirepil. This blue wax is a cruelty-free, highly ranked waxing product that makes every waxing treatment less painful by sticking to the hair, not the skin. The result is bright, beautiful skin with less inflammation, reduced redness, and decreased pain compared to other types of wax. Cirepil is also more efficient than other wax brands, which means you can be in and out and on to your next beauty appointment in as little time as possible.

Women's Waxing

We offer a wide range of waxing services for women and men who want gorgeous, smooth skin without pain or hassle. Our waxing services include underarm, leg, face, and intimate areas. No matter what part of your body you would like to wax, we recommend sticking to a strict waxing routine as prescribed by your esthetician to minimize pain and ensure that the hair you want removed stays gone.

Intimate waxing including "Bikini" and "Extended Bikini" provided on female genitalia or buttocks area only as therapists are not trained to provide the intimate waxing on male genitalia or buttocks area.

  • Hollywood

    A Hollywood wax removes all the hair on your intimate areas, including the front, middle, and backside.

  • Brazilian

    A Brazilian wax removes most of the hair on your intimate areas, leaving only a strip at the front.

  • Bikini

    A Bikini wax removes the hair above and to the sides of the panty line.

  • Arm & Underarm

    Remove unwanted hair from your arms, underarms, and hands.

  • Leg

    Say goodbye to shaving with a leg wax that removes unwanted hair from your entire legs.

  • Face

    Remove unwanted hair from your face, including the upper lip, chin, cheeks, and eyebrows.

Men's Waxing

Charming Beauty Salon is one of the few salons in London that offers men's waxing services. We believe that men deserve to have smooth, hair-free skin, and we use the best waxing product, Cirepil, to ensure that your waxing experience will be as comfortable and pain-free as possible.

  • Arm & Underarm

    Remove unwanted hair from your arms and underarms, revealing smooth, exfoliated skin beneath.

  • Leg

    Remove unwanted hair from your legs. Your esthetician may need to trim your hair if you have never shaved or waxed your leg hair before.

  • Body

    We offer waxing services to remove hair all over your body, including your chest, torso, and back.

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