Hair Colouring

Hair colouring treatments for all hair types and desired outcomes.

Whether you want a full head of permanent colour or just a few highlights spread evenly, we have a solution for you. Our hair colouring treatments include bleach and toning, highlights, AirTouch, permanent hair colour, and balayage/ombre. We believe that beautiful hair begins with a healthy scalp. That's why we use Olaplex for all of our colouring techniques to minimise the damage that bleaches and other chemicals can cause to hair.

Whether you're touching up grey spots or going for a whole new look, Charming Beauty Salon has the perfect colouring solution for you. Before colouring your hair, your stylist will hold a hair colouring consultation to ensure that you get the look you want using the right products and colours. Your stylist will also offer suggestions for how you can keep your hair healthy after it has been coloured.

Hair Colouring Consultations

A hair colouring consultation is essential to undertake before getting your hair coloured. By having a candid conversation with your stylist, you can make sure that you get the look you want, using the appropriate techniques and colours. If you have never coloured your hair before, then we require you to take a patch test 24 hours before your colouring appointment to ensure that you will not have an allergic reaction.

We offer the following colouring techniques:

  • Balayage/Ombre with Toner or without Toner

  • AirTouch

  • Full Head Highlights

  • Half Head Highlights

  • Bleach and Tone

  • Regrowth (roots only)

  • Full Head Permanent Colour

  • Toner and Blow Dry

  • Other techniques

Balayage / Ombre

Balayage is a freehand hair colouring technique that gently transitions hair from dark at the scalp to light at the ends. This technique creates a beautiful effect and requires less maintenance than traditional colouring does. We always use balayage with highlights to keep your hair protected so it can remain soft and healthy.


AirTouch is a new hair colouring technique. It utilises air to divide hair into sections, then pushes internal layers and shorter hairs out of the way. The remaining hair gets colour applied using foil. The result is natural-looking highlights that seamlessly blend through your hair. AirTouch will work on all hair types and is especially suitable for those with fine hair as it causes less damage than other types of treatments. We use Olaplex with AirTouch to protect the hair.


Highlights lighten your hair colour. At Charming, we offer both full head and half head highlights. Full head highlights are more dramatic and cover every section of your hair. Half head highlights are more subtle and leave your base hair colour visible. We use Olaplex with highlights to protect hair and use toner when needed to create a more natural-looking hair tone.

Bleach and Tone

Bleaching is a colouring method that lightens naturally and artificially dark hair. We use a toner after applying bleach to balance out the brassy tones in your hair and ensure that you leave with the right hair colour. If your hair is bleached and you need the roots touched up, we offer bleach and tone regrowth and retouch services.

Toner and Blow Dry

Toner can help freshen up your hair's colour by adding tone and depth. It gives your hair intense shine and washes out in about eight shampoos. Our toner plus blow-dry treatment applies toner to your hair to neutralize it and finishes with a relaxing blow-dry.

Full Head Permanent Colour

Full head permanent colour completely dyes your hair one colour from roots to tips. Many women use permanent colour to cover up their grey or white hair or to create a dramatic look. Permanent colour tends to require more maintenance than other types of hair colouring techniques.

Regrowth Colour

There's no need to do a full head colouring if you only need to cover up regrowth. Our regrowth colour service applies permanent colouring to your roots so that they blend in with the rest of your hair. Note that if your hair is bleached, we have a separate bleach and tone regrowth service.

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